Our Plant Health Care Program

Action Tree Service’s spray technicians are happy to diagnose your tree and plant problems. Insect, disease, and environmental stresses are continually present in our landscape. A yearly spray program is specifically designed for your yard and location. Our pesticide applicators take the time to thoroughly review your property and create a custom plan.

Our spray applications provide the necessary basic protections and can help to control specific pest problems. Do not neglect the valuable assets of your property. We appreciate your concern for the environment and its protection through our services. With special care, you can properly maintain your trees and plants, ensuring their health and beauty for the future. Pre-paid spray contracts may be eligible to receive a discount. Call for details.

See the different available programs below!

  • Spring Dormant Oil: This spray application is very effective for safe controls of a wide variety of insect pests that commonly affect both trees and shrubs. Dormant oil is applied to host trees and shrubs for scale, mites, aphids, lacebug. psyllid, ash flower gaul, plant bugs and adelgids in the larvae stage before eggs have hatched.
  • Leaf Chewing Insect: This spray application is recommended for protecting valuable deciduous trees from destructive leaf chewing insects such as inchworms.
  • Ornamental Protection Plan: This plan consists of two on-site inspections and treatment of ornamental shrubs and evergreen trees up to 40′ in height.
  • Summer and/or Fall Protection: This inspection will enable us to control persistent pest problems encountered on your plants. Based on our knowledge of your property, this inspection will be performed either late summer or fall. This is the third supplemental spray to the ornamental protection plan for heavily infested area.
  • Winter Shrub Protection: Application also known as “wilt proofing.” Many broadleaf evergreens are affected annually by winter injury. A wilt proofing application, now, will protect them from cold, dry winter winds. This protection slows the transpiration loss of the foliage, which ultimately limits winter injury.
  • Specialized Spray: Specific plant pests encountered require specialized controls too numerous to list. We can identify and implement recommended control measures.

** A ” PESTICIDES TREATED AREA ” sign will be posted on your property following the spray application. It is to remain posted 24 hours but no longer than 72 hours. To help keep your cost at a minimum, we request that you be responsible for removing the sign(s).

**** Pesticides are chemical substances used to control living organisms and vary in degree of toxicity. Pesticides may be part of an effective pest control program. Sanitation, as well as physical and biological control measures are always considered as part of an efficient pest control program.

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Our Values

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  • Member of the ISA and NJ Shade Tree Federation
  • Licensed New Jersey Pesticide Operators
  • Our Crews Work Under Direct Supervision & Training of Both Partners
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  • All Safety Procedures Strictly Followed
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