Portable Saw Mill Services

Custom Wood Products

At Action Tree, we realize the value of our natural resources and care about keeping trees healthy and beautiful. However in many instances, tree removal for various reasons is the recommended procedure. To truly utilize this wood source fully, we offer a full-service saw mill, providing custom lumber products.

Whether you are looking for a unique piece of furniture, a timber frame, small shed or lumber for your own project, our Warren Township Saw Mill has it all.

You can find the following products and supplies at our saw mill:

  • Rough Sawn Lumber
  • Hardwood & Softwood Lumber
  • Kiln Drying
  • Custom Timber Frames
  • Custom Wood Furniture

We can provide the wood products you need paired with the craftsmanship you want. From arches and trusses to pergolas and buildings, the options are endless with our timber supply.

If you’d like to see our inventory or need a certain type of timber, call (908) 756-4100.

Our Values

  • New Jersey Certified Tree Expert #416 - John B. Kuhn
  • Member of the ISA and NJ Shade Tree Federation
  • Licensed New Jersey Pesticide Operators
  • Our Crews Work Under Direct Supervision & Training of Both Partners
  • Fully and Properly Insured
  • All Safety Procedures Strictly Followed
  • Committed to Quality & Value